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An Ari Davidovich film

Two poets, father and daughter, in a dangerous game of words. The mysterious life and death of Tirza Atar (1941-1977) - the daughter of poet Nathan Alterman, one of the all-time paragons of Israeli and Jewish culture. Atar composed hundreds of poems and song lyrics that penetrated the hearts of large audiences, wrote popular children’s books and translated plays staged in theaters. Nevertheless, her fragile, beauteous image and her short, turbulent life remain shrouded in mystery, many years after her tragic death at the age of 36. The film fuses the fascinating parts of the life and work of this slight woman of prodigious talent, whose entire being and output were enmeshed in her complicated and charged relationship with her father, a national poet. The film includes brief enactments, with the participation of an actress, that converge - along with recollections, song segments and photos from her private family albums - into a multilayered emotional and lyrical journey that illuminates not only the life and work of Tirza Atar but also the life and work of Alterman.

Bird in the Room PR4 (with Nathan Alterman - Photo IPPA).jpg
TLV in Tirza Atar - Zipor Bacheder.jpg
Bird in the Room PR3 (Rotem Yaron) copy.jpg

Written, Directed and Produced by Ari Davidovich
Director of photography: Rotem Yaron
Editor: Tal Rabiner
Original Music: Assaf Amdursky
Sound Design: Aviv Aldema
Research & Production Manager: Ariela Alush
After Effects & Photo Design: Itay Ziv
Visual Research: Eran Litvin
Cast: Anael Blumental (as Tirza)
Voice: Doron Tavori, Asnat Zibil

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