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Hypermedia Films and yes docu present:

An Ari Davidovich film


A documentary film about the mysterious life of Tirza Atar - the daughter of poet Nathan Alterman, one of the all-time paragons of Israeli and Jewish culture. Atar’s short, turbulent life remain shrouded in mystery, many years after her tragic death at the age of 36. The film fuses the fascinating parts of the life and work of this woman of prodigious talent, whose entire being was enmeshed in her complicated relationship with her father.


Davidovich demonstrates how strong pre-film and post-film scripts can result in a powerful, tight, well-crafted documentary. From characters to narrative to visuals, this is an outstanding documentary on every level.

Aaron Howard, JHV

A heartfelt movie, filled with sacred moments. Davidovich succeeds in both the selection of the protagonists as well as in the framework in which he tells this drama. The great eagle and the little sparrow get along very well in this intimate display-window.

Gidi Orsher / GALAZ

With tears in my eyes I've watched this wonderful, heartbreaking and so very beautiful, smart and humble film. Young Tirza, Tel Aviv, Alterman and such a great poetry. What an amazing culture was created in 70 years. Run!

Igal Sarna


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